Main investments


FV Hospital

Celinvest is one of the main investors in the world-class hospital based in Ho-Chi-Minh-City, in Vietnam. We started from a blank page in 1997, raised funds and sustained the business development of the hospital since its opening in 2003.

Database technology

Relational Database Management

Celinvest invested since 2010, and fully bought in 2021 all rights and future developments of the technology developed by Elie Ouzi Koskas, a revolutionary database system to handle combinatory data queries at lightspeed.

We present our main investments, the genesis of the projects, the main milestones in their developments, and the current situation of each of these projects. We participated in all our investments from the genesis of the project, and were actively engaged in all stages of their developments. This is how we ensure that we are fully involved, and that the project develops in the best conditions possible. More information in our presentation.