After over 30 years as tax & business lawyers, working with all kinds and sizes of companies and individuals, we felt it was then time to create a structure to manage and develop the financial investments of our family.

This is how and why we created Celinvest SA in 2010, with the idea of building a patrimony focused on positive and impactful projects.

Ever since the creation of the company, Celinvest has been focused on following and developing its businesses through the commitment and involvement of the family members depending on their skills and knowledge. All our projects have a deep meaning to us, and we intend to make each of these a success with positive impact for the society and for people we interact with.

Through the FV Hospital, we deeply contributed in the healthcare development in Vietnam, and more particularly in the area of Ho-Chi-Minh-City, by providing the city with a world class premium hospital at a time when the local healthcare structure was not as developed as it is today. Through AlgoQuest System, we aimed at changing the approach of data management.

Celinvest shareholding structure

The Celimene family behind the company
Gilles Celimene

Business & Tax lawyer for over 30 years both in Paris and Luxembourg. Now administrator of Celinvest SA.

Isabelle Celimene

Business & Tax lawyer, both in Paris and Luxembourg, for over 20 years. Now administrator of Celinvest SA.

Pierre Celimene

Managing Director of digital agency in Switzerland.

Caroline Celimene

Outdoor sports entrepreneur in Peru.